How to Use AirDroid to Manage Your Android Device From a Web Browser

by Heavy - 07/10/2014

AirDroid is an app that lets you manage your Android phone or tablet from a web browser. Here’s a guide on how to use AirDroid to find your missing phone and manage your Android device.

Android Influencer: AirDroid CEO Anson Xiong

by Greenbot - 07/01/2014

This free app lets you tether your phone or tablet wirelessly to your desktop computer through a browser. It lets you transfer files back and forth between your device, sideload apps, and even send text messages without picking up your phone.

AirDroid: The easiest way to swap files between your PC and Android device

by CITEWORLD - 01/15/2014

If you're an Android user and you're not using the AirDroid app yet, you're missing out. It's by far the easiest way to wirelessly swap files between your phone or tablet and your computer.

AirDroid lets you control your smartphone from your computer with zero hassle

by phoneArena – 06/25/2014

What is AirDroid? It's a web-based platform to manage your smartphone through a desktop computer. It's the ultimate desktop app for any phone and a serious kick in the teeth to the bloated device management programs most devices come with.

Airdroid App Top 5 Best Features, Review and Tips

by GADGETS TO USE - 04/26/2014

What makes Airdroid stand apart from the competition is Easy to use, well organized interface and myriad of well thought features to use the capabilities of WiFi direct to its full extend.

AirDroid : Manage Your AirDroid From A Web Browser

by Above Android - 07/20/2014

AirDroid is a must have application for the Android users. You need to be connected with Wi-Fi to use this app. It won’t use your internet data speed. It works magnificently well through Wi-Fi Direct at a spectacular speed.

AirDroid: Remotely manage your Android from a Web browser

by Android Authority - 09/16/2013

AirDroid lets you use and manage your Android device over the air, using only a Web browser. It’s a wire-free solution for those who hate having to switch between computer and phone/tablet frequently.

AirDroid: Manage Your Android device wirelessly

by Digital Inspiration - 09/05/2013

This free app allows you to manage your Android device over a Wi-Fi network.

Sending Stuff to/from TrueSmart via USB, Internet, Wifi (AirDroid)

by Kickstarter - 08/31/2013

With AirDroid, you can manage almost every bit of your TrueSmart right from your browser while your TrueSmart can stay on your wrist, which is not only very cool but also very convenient.

AirDroid: Manage your Android device from a browser

by Tech Page One - 07/08/2013

If you find screen management and typing easier on your laptop or desktop computer than on your phone, and who doesn’t, you may really enjoy using AirDroid.

Best Android apps for transferring files over WiFi [June 2013]

by Talk Android - 06/04/2013

AirDroid was one of the most recommended apps for moving files across networks, and for good reason.

AirDroid 2 for file transfers and controlling your phone wirelessly!

by S4tips - 05/30/2013

AirDroid lets you connect your Android device with a desktop PC or laptop where you can then access files, send/recieve SMS, install/uninstall apps, and manage bulks of data in your Android smartphone or tablet. Oh, and it lets you do this wirelessly.

Airdroid 2 - Smart Way to Transfer data Between Your Android phone and PC

by Epiblog - 05/01/2013

Did you just forget or loose your data cable when you wanted it the most? Have you ever wanted to download or transfer a large chunk of data instantly? An android app, AIRDROID, comes to the rescue.

Exclusive First Look: AirDroid Version 2 Headed For The Play Store Today - Here's What You'll Find Inside

by Android Police - 04/25/2013

Even in its current and somewhat dated form, AirDroid is easily one of the best apps on the Google Play Store. The sheer flexibility and polish of the remote access tool has made it one of the first things I install on any new device.

Tux Love blog: Cool Tools: AirDroid

by PC World - 03/06/2013

it's handy to use a computer to get at files on an Android or move them locally across a network for use on PC, Chromebook or Mac. I can't think of a program that does this better than AirDroid.

AirDroid: The app every Android owner should install

by USA Today - 01/02/2013

it's handy to use a computer to get at files on an Android or move them locally across a network for use on PC, Chromebook or Mac. I can't think of a program that does this better than AirDroid.

AirDroid: The free app every Android owner should install in 2013

by GigaOM - 12/31/2012

My pick for Android app of the year? AirDroid, which provides wireless management of your Android phone or tablet from any browser on the same Wi-Fi network.

AirDroid gives your Android device its very own webtop

by androidcentral - 07/04/2012

In short, AirDroid is the ultimate desktop companion for Android users, and best of all? It's free.

6 Essential Desktop Apps to Make Your Android Phone Device a Work or Play Powerhouse

by PCWorld - 05/25/2012

This app allows you to take complete control of your Android device via your computer's Web browser.

Ten Android apps for your new smartphone or tablet: Christmas 2011

by SLASH GEAR - 12/25/2011

Beyond simple to activate and utilize, AirDroid is the newest and best way for you to access your Android device from your desktop or laptop computer.

How to control your Android via PC

by CNET - 12/12/2011

If your device is charging in another room or otherwise out of reach, or you're really busy and can't be bothered to constantly pick up your device to respond to alerts, this is a great way to stay connected while not hurting your productivity (as much).

Control Your Android Phone Via PC With AirDroid

by TOM'S GUIDE - 12/02/2011

To be honest, AirDroid is a service Google should have included since the early days of Android.

AirDroid: Control Your Phone And Send Text Messages From Your Browser

by Gizmodo - 12/01/2011

I'm sending text SMS messages from my Android phone via my browser. I can't stress how great that is.

Uniquely Android: AirDroid

by - 07/22/2012

If I had to pick out a set of apps that I can' t live without, AirDroid would most certainly be amongst them.

AirDroid Controls Your Android Phone or Tablet from Any Modern Web Browser

by Lifehacker - 07/20/2012

It's a remarkably comprehensive app, operates securely, and is a free download.

AirDroid pushes big language update out, now supports 8 new Languages

by AndroidSPIN - 07/24/2012

It is extremely easy to use, install and get the hang of.

Best New Android App Of 2011: Android Police Pick

by Android Police - 01/04/2012

It's all the little things, the things that make AirDroid a joy to use, which make it the app of the year.

The Top 30 Android Apps And Games Of 2011

by TechCrunch - 12/24/2011

This free app lets users operate their smartphones from a PC with a Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, AirDroid emphasizes privacy protection with password changes for each use.

Use AirDroid to manage your Android, no cable required

by betanews - 07/24/2012

Despite the fact that this is only a beta tool, it is already very accomplished.

AirDroid lets you manage your Android device in a browser, without cables

by PCauthority - 07/25/2012

If you have an Android device this is a must have app which is quite unique in its range of features and ease of use.

The Era of “Magic Computing”

by Tech-FAQ - 07/24/2012

I have to say this is one thing that makes me feel like I’m waving a magic wand instead of a smartphone.

Tackling data transfer

by The Hindu Business Line - 07/23/2012

AirDroid has a nice interface and connecting, transferring files or installing apps are so easy that you will wonder how you were managing without it.

AirDroid App Lets You Control Your Device From Your Browser

by The International Business Times - 07/20/2012

This app allows you to not only access but use a standard mouse and keyboard setup in an effort to better control your device.

App of The Week: AirDroid, Enjoy Your Android Over The Air

by bibkosh - 07/01/2012

At the end of the day it is a must download app for android. The user experience and over the air experience with the device using web browser is really amazing.

Friday App-stravaganza: Essential Apps List

by RootzWiki - 06/22/2012

If I need to transfer files I use Airdroid to do that wirelessly.

irDroid - A *Must* have application for your Droid

by Android Bahrain - 06/17/2012

Therefore, this is a must must install for all the Android Power Users.

A look at how to control your Android phone from your desktop browser with AirDroid

by POCKETABLES - 06/05/2012

If you have an Android device, I would suggest that you go and try it out today, or to see a more of the service in action just browse through the gallery below.

AirDroid for Android lets you transfer files and media between phone and computer

by - 05/28/2012

If you’re into file transfers and don’t want to mess with wires, drivers and connection problems, check out AirDroid for Android.

Tech Scan: The Android Spring

by - 05/26/2012

Airdroid lets you “talk” directly to your computer via WiFi for loading and unloading files, photos, apps, etc.

AirDroid 1.0.5: Updated looks, screen mirroring, file drag and drop, video streaming, and more

by - 05/21/2012

Looking for a solution to manage everything on your mobile device? Read on and learn how AirDroid can make things easier for you.

How Airdroid Let’s You Control & Manage Your Android Device from Web-Browser via Wi-Fi?

by iTeching - 05/09/2012

It is an application that can enormously influence the mode of communication that you have been experiencing with the Android device.

AirDroid: The Best Way to Manage Your Android via Desktop Browser

by CIO - 05/09/2012

Managing Android devices on your computer is a hit-or-miss affair, especially if you use a Mac. Sand Studio’s free AirDroid app handles the job quite nicely.

AirDroid Wirelessly Manage Your Android Device From Your PC

by Android Does - 05/04/2012

This update includes many features I have not thought of, but they really are amazing! And the GUI is perfect! Best of all: it’s free!

AirDroid makes massive update; Real time screenshots, Drag&Drop file support and much More

by AndroidSPIN - 05/04/2012

We are pretty much in love with this application. We can’t think of an app out there that provides so much to functionality to our Android devices that is FREE and looks this good.

AirDroid makes massive update; Real time screenshots, Drag&Drop file support and much More

by Android Headlines - 05/04/2012

I know I use it daily and have turned a few friend on to it that can’t live with out it now.

iSource Picks of the Week

by iSource - 05/04/2012

AirDroid is a very cool tool and one I’m glad I found. It’s also a tool unlike anything you’ll find on iOS.

Top 10 Android app updates: TuneWiki, AirDroid, Equalizer

by Android and Me - 05/04/2012

If you want to manager you phone from your desktop browser, this is the ultimate app.

AirDroid updates with easier browser access

by Android Community - 05/04/2012

We can’t stress this enough: AirDroid is a fantastic, beautiful app, and it belongs in the toolkit of any power user.

Wirelessly Manage Android Device from Browser & Control Photos Music

by android devices - 04/19/2012

So you can enjoy the best features after installation of Air Droid at your comfort through any web browser on your devices to get access to files for easy transfer between devices and computer.

AirDroid – Light-As-Air Smartphone Admin.

by AndroidPIT - 04/12/2012

Using the AirDroid app and its web interface is nice and easy—so easy and intuitive in fact that it's virtually impossible to go wrong.

Sync Your Android Device With Your Computer Over Wi-Fi With AirDroid

by TechEdified - 04/11/2012

an easy-to-use solution for your syncing needs

Use Wi-Fi to Synchronize an Android Smartphone – No Need for USB Cables

by - 03/24/2012

AirDroid is an app that has a specific function and for that reason, it offers a correct and easy method to control your smartphone using your personal computer.

AirDroid v1.0.5 - Wirelessly manage your Android from your favorite browser

by Reddit - 03/24/2012

For those who are unaware - AirDroid is one of the best apps available for Android, and it's completely free.

AirDroid - Wirelessly Control your Android Device via your PC or Mac

by AndroidTipsNow - 03/19/2012

AirDroid is super easy to use

AirDroid is super easy to use

by PocketDroid - 03/19/2012

The user interface is best I have seen till date and has a very decent color theme which is soothing to eyes.

How To Manage & Control Your Android Phone With AirDroid Directly Using Internet Browser ( Wi-Fi Tutorial Guide )

by Tech Source - 02/15/2012

AirDroid is one of the best applications ever created for Android devices, as it allows users to take control over their smartphones using the installed web browser.

Control Your Android from a Browser with AirDroid

by How-to Geek - 02/15/2012

Now you’re ready to replace your USB cable with your web browser. If it wasn’t for charging, you’d never have to touch your Android’s USB cable again.

Airdroid: Connect Your Android Phone to A Linux Computer

by Make Tech Easier - 02/10/2012

It works flawlessly with any operating system and with all the major web browsers.


by - 02/10/2012

AirDroid is a free application which lets you control and manage your Android devices wirelessly via web browser.

How to manage your Android through a web browser

by AndroidTipGuys - 02/06/2012

If you like the idea of handling a lot of what your Android phone can do in your desktop’s web browser, then AirDroid is the free app for you! Simple to set up and use and it works great.

AirDroid – Manage your Android devices like Phone, Tablet using your computer’s web browser

by Tech Smart Life - 02/05/2012

It is most useful free app to transfer files TO and FROM your android device via your computer’s web browser.

Access your Android Device from Ubuntu/Mint with AirDroid ~ Technology Linux and Windows

by Technology Linux and Windows - 02/05/2012

All you need is Android phone and a computer with a web browser in it.

Phandroid, now on weekends too!

by Phandroid - 02/04/2012

This app is always on in the background when I’m working on my PC, primarily for sending and receiving texts from my browser and for transferring files to my phone.

Air Droid : Control Your Android Phone from the PC!

by Tech Hamlet - 02/02/2012

Now, texting long messages is easy!

Manage Your Data With AirDroid

by BIT REBELS - 02/01/2012

Ultimately, this is one of the handiest apps I’ve used on my droid in ages.

Remote control for your smartphone

by The Register - 01/31/2012

If you've ever wanted to manage your Android phone from your computer's desktop then AirDroid is the answer to your prayers.

Transfer files and control your phone wirelessly with AirDroid for Android

by techerator - 01/20/2012

AirDroid might not completely revolutionize the Android experience, but it certainly makes managing your phone more convenient. Best of all, it’s free!

Managing Android Device Remotely From Browser

by GADGET WORLD - 01/19/2012

In case of Android, AirDroid is the best app for managing the phone from a desktop or notebook.

27 Of The Best Android Apps For 2011 Part 2

by AndroidMobiles - 01/18/2012

The connection is made through a web browser on your PC and is password protected… it’s all most as easy as surfing the web!

AirDroid lets you control your Android device with your PC

by pinoy techblog. - 01/17/2012

Overall, it’s a very useful app for Android users who spend a lot of time on their PCs or laptops.

App of the Week: Use AirDroid to Control Your Android Device From Your Desktop Web Browser

by 40tech - 01/17/2012

An app like this is something I could see myself using when I anticipate sending longer or frequent text messages, or when I want to tidy up my phone.

AirDroid: Android App that Lets Controls any Computer via WLAN and Browser

by ih elplounge - 01/16/2012

We want to introduce you a very nice app, with each of the Android smartphone Android 2.1 can be easily managed from any browser on the same network.

AirDroid: Use your Android phone with your Laptop

by Unbox - 01/15/2012

We rarely feature apps here at Unbox but this one definitely needs attention.

Connect and Control Your Android From a PC

by PhoneTipz - 01/12/2012

The best remote control app seems to be AirDroid.

AirDroid Receives Mega Update, Adds Screen Mirroring, File/APK Drag & Drop, Video Streaming & More

by AddictiveTips - 05/05/2012

AirDroid is free to download and use, with no limitations.

AirDroid: Control Android phone Through Web Browser

by AndroidFlip - 12/30/2011

New “AirDroid” Android app let’s you to control and manage your lovely android device just through your Web browser over the air.


by deathtothempire - 12/30/2011

A late entry for consideration and by far one the Best this year.

App of the week: AirDroid

by - 12/30/2011

AirDroid is an application by which you can wirelessly manage and control your Android device from a web browser Over-The-Air.

Control Your Android Phone From Your PC with AirDroid

by LostInTechnology - 12/29/2011

AirDroid is one of those great applications that makes your life easier. It saves you the trouble of constantly having to pick up your phone to do the simplest of things.

Now control Android device via internet with AirDroid

by The Mobile Indian - 12/19/2011

The AirDroid app is very easy for the users who spend most part of the day working on their desktops.


by Reviews by Cole - 12/19/2011

AirDroid is a must-have for any Android user who doesn’t already have a similar system. It combines my two beloved devices in one fell swoop.

Control Your Android phone from PC by AirDroid App

by Mobile Madly - 12/19/2011

This is among best app to access your Android phone from personal computer.

AirDroid is your all in one wireless sync Solution

by AndroidSPIN - 12/11/2011

I’ve been using AirDroid for a little over a week now and the app has already managed to change how I interact with my phone on a daily basis.

AirDroid sends SMS and wirelessly transfers files between desktop and Android

by Androinica - 12/09/2011

AirDroid links a computer and mobile device that are on the same Wi-fi network.


by WEB UPD8 - 12/06/2011

AirDroid is a free application that lets you control your Android device from your desktop, tablet or anything else that can run a browser.

Control your Android over-the-air with AirDroid

by All Things Android UK - 12/06/2011

All this is available in a free app and it is now firmly installed on my Android phone. I envisage that I will use this virtually every day.

Access and Control Your Android Device Remotely with AirDroid

by - 12/05/2011

Now you don’t have to get up from the desktop you’re currently working on to carry out some typical routine you would manually need to do on the phone itself.

AirDroid flies between your Android device and your computer

by Appolicious - 12/04/2011

I’ve used other apps that claim to provide the same or similar features, but this is the best that I've personally tried.

AirDroid App Lets You Control Android Phones Through PC

by ITProPortal - 12/03/2011

There are a lot of apps that let users manage their desktops remotely from their smartphone, but AirDroid has something unique to offer and is definitely worth a shot.

Geeked: Droid is on the air

by - 12/03/2011

I had become accustomed to a lot of cable jockeying as I transferred stuff back and forth between the netbook and my two Android devices. But thanks to a nifty newish thing called AirDroid, I can leave my data cable at home.

Android App Review: AirDroid

by Android Simplicity - 12/02/2011

What makes it great is that you can do all of this from the PC's web browser, without ever touching the device.

AirDroid App For Android

by vaiosoft - 12/02/2011

And if you wish to have such convenience available for your smartphone, you can always have the AirDroid App for Android smartphones to allow you to do that.

AirDroid: Control Your Android Device From Your Browser

by MAKEUSEOF - 11/30/2011

Have you ever wanted the ability to control your Android device right from your computer? Well, that is exactly what AirDroid allows a person to do.

Application Review: AirDroid

by AndroidActivist - 11/29/2011

Together the mobile app and the web interface make managing your phone a breeze. I would gladly recommend this to anyone.

AirDroid Allows Remote Access & Control Of Android Over Wi-Fi Via Web Browser

by AddictiveTips - 11/28/2011

AirDroid is quite a charm to use and unlike many other remote access solutions, requires no long, complicated configurations.

How To Use Air-Droid To Control Your Android Device From Computer Over WiFi

by HackSlurp - 11/28/2011

Air-Droid allows the user the most control and flexibility from computer over WiFi.

Control your Android phone from PC over the air

by - 11/27/2011

Busy spending time on your PC rather than looking at your phone, then you should install Airdroid to control your Android smartphone directly from PC.

AirDroid Lets Your Desktop Control Your Android Phone Over WiFi Using A Simple, Gorgeous Interface

by Android Police - 11/26/2011

The great thing about AirDroid is that it works - it's easy to start up, and functions flawlessly (in my experience).

Manage Your Phone Wirelessly With AirDroid

by AppStorm - 12/02/2011

Excellent User Interface - this is (hopefully) the future of how all phones are managed and this app perfects the experience.