Having trouble managing rising IT support requests?

  • 01.Unnecessary IT workload

    Your IT support team is overwhelmed with increasing requests caused by frequent device misuse.

  • 02.Workplace distractions

    The use of entertainment, messaging, and games on company devices are impacting your employees' productivity at work.

  • 03.Unsecure devices

    Without any restriction or protection, your devices are exposed to security risks.

Kiosk software for dynamic business needs




    It's important to establish a strong brand presence when your devices are used by people every day. You can customize device interface and lock screen appearance to reflect your brand personality.


Key Features

  • Single & Multi-App Mode

    Lockdown a single app to build a purpose-specific experience, or use multi-app mode to get flexibility and security at the same time.

  • Device Limitation

    Limit access to device volume, screen brightness, WiFi, Bluetooth, and more.

  • Custom Layout

    Customize logo, wallpaper, icon size and more for the exact look you want.

  • Kiosk Browser

    Built-in incognito mode and auto-clear cache for safe and clean browsing.

  • Website Whitelist

    Create website whitelists to limit website access on your kiosk browser. Block other websites for productivity and security.

Kiosk Mode for different industries and needs

AirDroid Business Kiosk Mode helps organizations across industries to enhance productivity and user experience on Android devices by offering a myriad of customizations for different scenarios.

  • School

    Use Kiosk Mode to create the best learning experience on school-owned devices by limiting access to only educational apps and services. No more playing games, watching videos or searching for inappropriate links for students. This also means that IT managers can spend less time on maintenance.

  • Logistics

    Allow access to only company-owned apps on a driver's phone or tablet to make it easy to use and reduce frustration from operating errors. Now drivers can focus on what's important - making delivery on-time and use company apps the way they are intended to for better productivity and effective work.

  • Retail

    Make it easy for your non-tech savvy employees to use a phone, tablet, or POS device without jumping through hurdles. Create the best user experience by showing your brand, content and services the way you want.

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