Need full visibility of your assets and personnel?

Powerful insights and intuitive interface to keep you informed


Instantly locate any vehicle or device by searching from a list. Seeing device information and status using a dashboard or set up geofences to get alerted when a vehicle enters or leaves a specific location. This gives you full visibility so you react fast when a pressing situation arises.


Trying to multi-task using different tools can severely impact your ability to react. AirDroid Business Geofencing puts tracking, monitoring, and analyzing device activities in one interface, so you can focus on optimizing your business operations.


Your drivers or employees can have sensitive data on their devices. When the device is lost or stolen, you can easily locate it to lock, wipe the data or uninstall apps to prevent further damage.


AirDroid Business Geofencing comes with complete route activity history that lets you go back and examine when and where a vehicle has been. Find abnormal activities, idle time, better route selection to improve overall efficiency.

Key Features

Device tracking

Use GPS tracking to know where your devices are whenever you need to.

Path tracking

Check a device's route history by selecting a time duration to see exactly where it's been at different points of time.

Geofence alerts

Set up virtual geofences and get alerted when a vehicle or device is arriving or leaving a specific area.

Logs & reports

Get insights from vehicle route activities, geofence alerts and time spent at different locations to optimize efficiency.

Remote data wipe

Select a device and lock, wipe data or uninstall apps remotely to increase security.

Device tracking and monitoring is valuable for any industries

Your business is moving towards a mobile workforce, equipping employees with devices to help driving sales and serve customers. See how different industries are using device tracking to make better decisions.

  • 01

    Transportation & Logistics

    Equipping an Android device with GPS on a vehicle allows trucking and logistics companies to stay in the know of the location and route activities for each driver. Idle time, better routes and overall productivity can be improved by analyzing the data on a consistent basis.

  • 02

    Healthcare & Non-Profit

    Healthcare and non-profit organizations are using Android devices, such as tablet and wearable to monitor and track the activities of patients who need to be closely watched. Any abnormal movement such as leaving a quarantined zone can be notified so actions can be taken to avoid further complications.

  • 03


    More and more companies are equipping employees with mobile devices for work purposes. With AirDroid Business Geofencing, devices with sensitive data can be closely monitored and protective actions can be taken automatically to prevent confidential information from leaving a company campus.

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