Robust Management and Monitoring Platform for Android Devices

Designed to make monitoring and managing large deployment simple and efficient

Are you having these challenges?

  • 01

    Monitoring large deployment

    It's difficult to monitor a large deployment and being responsive. You're always dealing with issues after they had happen, which could put your business on hold and impact the bottom line.

  • 02

    Lack of permission control

    You have a team that needs access to different devices and services, but you also want to maintain organizational security and efficiency.

  • 03

    Time-consuming enrollment

    It's time-consuming to enroll a large number of devices efficiently and effectively.

Stay ahead of the game by having full control




    We offer flexible enrollment options to help you quickly deploy devices. You can scan the QR code or manually input the Deployment Code to enroll your devices. You can also use the Auto-Enroll package to automatically enroll devices into the default group without entering any deployment codes. We also support the "Quick Install"* service to automate the installation, enrollment, and remote access permission settings.

    *Some limitations may apply. Please contact our team ( if you have a large deployment and want to learn more about Quick Install.




Key Features

Proactive monitoring

Revolutionize large-scale device monitoring by seeing device screen, camera view, location, network status, and detailed info, all in real-time and in one place.

Advanced encryption

All data are transmitted using HTTPS and end-to-end encryption to protect every remote session from unauthorized access.

Device grouping

Organize devices in groups based on your business needs to make managing and finding devices easier.

Member & access rights

Grant Admin, Team Member, and Viewer role with different levels of access rights to maintain organizational security.

Bulk operations

Perform bulk operations like device grouping, renaming, and notes.

Member & device management for different industries need

Maximize the potential of AirDroid Business device management. Create a sleek workflow for your customers and employees.

  • Logistics

    Track all company-deployed devices scattered across a country or even the world through a device dashboard. Keep track of your drivers by monitoring each device’s status and locations. If there’s a sudden change in route, send device notifications to your remote employees to save time and avoid unhappy customers.

  • Retail

    To better manage multiple POS terminals, digital signages, or kiosks deployed in the field. IT admins can remotely control unattended devices and perform troubleshooting via a device management tool. Grouped devices can also be easily accessed and managed for the staff. Create a seamless shopping experience and hassle-free workforce for your customers and employees.

  • Hospitality

    Many hotels are using Android tablets as mPOS or kiosks for in-room services and internal use. With devices grouping and roles assignment, Admins will be able to modify content shown in different venues. Security configurations such as restricted access and locking devices will now be easily manageable for IT teams.

Managing Android devices has never been easier