Streamline IT service to increase customer satisfaction and efficiency

With AirDroid Business MDM, you are getting an all-in-one device management and remote access solution, so all your IT operations with Android devices can be made easy. The day-to-day can be a pleasant experience for your IT team and customers alike.

What are the benefits for you?

  • 1

    Raise customer satisfaction by faster support

  • 2

    Scale your IT support service without slowing down

  • 3

    Flexible pricing to start small and expand as you grow

  • 4

    Reduce IT workload by getting things done using only one platform

Hear from our customers

"We have over 1,000 devices across the country, that are used by field workers who are constantly moving around. Using AirDroid Business we're able to closely monitor the devices and manage the deployment of our application from our central office. This enhances makes our deployment of applications easier and quicker."

Tiledi Kekana, Director

Esoftware Solutions, South Africa

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