What can you do with AirDroid Personal Remote Control?

  • Remotely play mobile games on your computer

  • Remotely access smartphones that are at home or at the office

    Bring only the one smartphone you need with you, and access the other ones anytime using Android AirMirror. When there's a need to access your office internal network, you can simply connect and remotely control your smartphone in the office.

  • Revive your damaged phones

  • Focus on your computer screen, enhance work efficiency

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Start from $2.75/Month

Limitation of 200MB remote data quota per month

Remote data is required when using AirDroid not under local area network

Premium features such as Remote Camera, One-Way Audio, Queued Dialing are unavailable

2 Android devices as maximum

Unlimited remote data usage

All features are available

Increasing more Android devices is available

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AirDroid Business offers both remote control and device management for over 10 devices

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