What can you do with AirDroid Personal Screen Mirroring?

  • Enjoy phone's content on a computer, magnify the joy

    Now you can have all the streaming or saved contents on the phone displayed on a bigger screen. Share videos, mobile games, movies, pictures, and e-books on a larger screen, magnifying the joy.

  • Get full management of your remote phones, with robust AirDroid Personal features

  • Check remote Android device screen, anytime and anywhere

*If casting your mobile device screens onto a computer is your only need, a simple yet powerful tool is right here for you--the AirDroid Cast. It is useful for various scenarios. For example, during a remote meeting, an online teaching lesson, live streaming for mobile games, etc.

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Start from $2.75/Month

Limitation of 200MB remote data quota per month

Remote data is required when using AirDroid not under local area network

One-Way Audio is unavailable during screen mirroring

Auto-backup only photos from smartphone to PC

2 Android devices as maximum

Unlimited remote data usage

One-Way Audio is available to acquire device surrounding sounds

Auto-backup both photos and videos from smartphone to PC

Increasing more Android devices is available

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AirDroid Business empowers you to view all remote Android devices' screens in batch, monitor app status, and check if the devices are functioning normally.

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